Steve Prefontaine Poster

Cloth Running Poster of Steve Prefontaine

The running poster is made of a cloth material is 4' x 2.5' and has a quote from Steve Prefontaine on it. The featured quote says "I'm going to work so that it's a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it." This quote epitomizes what Pre was all about. He never ran the first half of the race slow and waited for a kick. Prefontaine went from the gun and feared nobody. In the 1972 Olympic Games he followed this philosophy and with a mile to go ran a gutsy race by pushing the pace and just came up short of receiving a medal. In creating this running poster I hope his gutsy performances will never be forgotten because there is only one Steve Prefontaine. I also have three additional posters they are Olympic 1 , Olympic 2 and Cross Country poster.
Cloth running poster of Steve Prefontaine
* Need an inspirational poster of a track and field star?
* This one of a kind poster is huge 4ft x 2.5ft.
* The cloth poster is printed on a soft-as-silk material.
* Features a famous quote from Prefontaine.
* It doesn't rip like a paper poster.
* Hang the poster on a wall, door, ceiling tile or any other place.

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Steve Prefontaine Oregon Running Poster                 
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Watermark not on poster.