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Nice product. Just as ordered for my son who runs for NIKE Farm Team (out
of Stanford). No contact with customer service was required. Certainly a
different type of product for the running aficionado.
I was very happy with how quickly the poster arrived
after I ordered it. The poster itself is very detailed and
has my favorite Pre quote.      Paul Lemon
It was very simple to order the poster I wanted. Their response to customer service was also fast and friendly. I loved the poster because the cloth material it was made of is a lot more durable and easier to move than normal posters. It was well worth my time and money.
The posters were for my son & daughter who both run and they love them.
My son hangs his on his dorm room wall at university as Steve
Prefontaine has been something of an inspiration for him and his
running.  My daughter has her poster on her bedroom wall as well.
The service was great.  There were no problems what so ever.  Delivery
of the poster was in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to order
from your site in the future.
Thanks again.
Brian Martinson
Customer service was excellent!  The poster came very quickly.  In fact, I ordered one for an ex-runner of mine who was home on leave from the Marines.  And it came in time for him to take with him to Okinawa (which he GREATLY appreciated!).  It is an awesome poster of an awesome runner!   Everyone who sees it just think it's extremely cool!  I hung one outside our tents at last summer's Cross Country camp to inspire everyone on our early morning runs, and it turned out to be truly inspirational! An unbelievable price for such a unique, durable, & inspirational relic.  I would highly recommend purchasing one of these ASAP (I've bought 3 now!).  If for nothing else, but, to honor the "GREAT ONE"!!!   Chris Hailey Elmwood HS CC
I was very satisfied with the timeliness of the delivery of the poster
after having ordered the product from your website. The poster is
prominently displayed in my high school classroom and has received many
positive comments from the students and runners (in particular) that
view it in the room. I hope that you make other posters of Prefontaine
and other famous, inspirational distance runners (ie. Billy Mills)
available in the future, and I ask that you notify me of future product
Thank you, and Happy New Year.
Bill Sarvis
Perry High School
The poster I got was awesome, the time of delivery was great, and all in all i'm happy i bought one.
nick helmuth
i received the poster exactly when i was told i would recieve it and when i got it, it was better than i expected. i'd love to see a jim ryun, billy mills, jim thorpe.....all the greats on something like this. it really makes a college room for a track athlete or enthusiast.  Bill
The poster is great- thanks!  I got it within a week after I ordered it and
never had any problems.  Amy

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